Venice Microfinance Initiative

About Us & Contacts

When executives asked members what they would like more during their experience with the club, our fellow students expressed the will to be involved in something of real impact.

The good thing was that we already had that in mind.

Our fresh and innovative project was inspired by successful activities carried out by the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative, a student society based at The University of Melbourne, Australia, which core activity consists in delivering pro-bono consulting to MFIs in South East Asia and in the Pacific Region.

Their success, efforts and collaboration were essential to the development of the Venice Microfinance Initiative.

About Us


The introductory video conference aims to give the students and the MFI operatives the first chance to meet and to set the basis for the collaboration project.

During this meeting, both parties will evaluate and discuss the issues previously brought up by our team, and consider possible solutions.



The mid-term field journey consists in a 3-months internship for our students at the MFI’s headquarter. During this visit, VMI will have the chance to meet the institution’s operatives in person, to be involved with clients, and to better understand how operations are performed on a daily basis.


VMI’s final video meeting is needed for our students to evaluate the implementation of the project, give the final recommendations and analyze future benefits. During the meeting, VMI will also assess the impact and success of the initiative, question the improvement of the project and ask for feedback.



Our headquarter is the same of Invenicement Ca’Foscari Business Club and you can contact us by Invenicement’s mail, Facebook page or Twitter one.
Feel free also to contact us directly doing a double click on the button below: