About The EIB Institute

The EIB Institute established within the EIB group (European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund) with the goal of promoting initiatives aimed at impacting positively individuals and communities of the EU Member States.

With the support of its network, the Institute can be regarded as a real catalyst for social, cultural, educational and research activities intended to promote economic and social development.

The EIB Institute is currently headed by Francisco de Paula Coelho.

The EIB Institute acknowledges the value of arts and culture in encouraging  community  involvement and corporate social responsibility, and recognizes that they represent extraordinary instruments for learning, exploring, experimenting, interpreting the present and building the future.

What It Does

EIB Institute course of action encompasses three macro-areas:

  • Knowledge:
    • Funding research: the Institute supports, mainly through grants and sponsorships, higher education and research activities, particularly in the field of applied economics within Europe;
    • Partnering with academia: the EIB partners with universities and university networks. These partnerships are directed towards the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and to stimulate discussion of areas of interest. Partners universities are: the University of Luxembourg, Sciences Po, University College London, London School of Economics, Manchester Business School and now Ca’ Foscari University.
    • Seminars and Conferences: the Institute organizes regular seminars and conferences in order to encourage knowledge dissemination and innovative thinking about topic of interests for the EIB Group.
    • EIB Prize: every year the EIB Institute awards a prize to researchers that have made substantial empirical contributions in areas covered by each year’s topic.
  • Social: The EIB Institute is committed to reducing inequalities and promoting diversity and social cohesion within the EU Member States. The Institute supports social innovation and entrepreneurs who aim to generate a social impact or seek to create and sustain social value, typically related to unemployment, marginalisation of disadvantaged communities and access to education and other basic services.
  • Social Innovation Tournament: this activity is organized every year in a different country to reward European Entrepreneurs whose primary purpose is to generate a social, ethical, or environmental impact.
  • An Investors’ Fair unlike any other: yearly event that allows social entrepreneurs looking for funding, to pitch their projects to investors (business angels, impact investors, equity funds, …).
  • Social platform: it’s a community that promotes the exchange of ideas, experiences and challenges among members actively involved is social activities. The platforms also fosters the creation and the dissemination of knowledge for those involved in philanthropic activities.
  • Grants and Donations to support humanitarian, cultural and social initiatives.
  • Microfinance: The Institute complements the activities of the European Investment Bank Group (EIB and EIF) in the area of microfinance through its Knowledge and Social Programmes. Under these two programmes, instruments -mainly grants and sponsorships- are available to promote conferences and other initiatives and to support higher education and research enabling the development of microfinance in Europe and beyond.
  • Financial Education
  • Arts & Culture:
  • Managing the EIB Art Collection;
  • Creating a Platform for the Arts
  • Safeguarding Cultural Heritage.

Grant Details

VMI is entirely funded by the EIB Institute. The Institute, in fact, is engaged in supporting the carry-out of VMI’s activities across 28 European Union’s states* plus Serbia and Albania.

More precisely, EIB aims to cover accommodation expenses, travelling expenses and expenses related to the printing and dispatching of the final report that will be made by Team properly selected from VMI’s Board.

The Team will be scrupulously selected among Invenicemnet Ca’ Foscari members and will be engaged in a pro-bono not remunerated work, ensuring that the project will be carried out with the highest standards of professional and ethical competence, supporting MFIs (Microfinance Institutions) with whom VMI already established a collaboration.

The current financial collaboration with EIB will lasts for 3 years (January 1st – December 31st) and allocate an amount of Euro 30.000 that have to be used exclusively for expenses previously exposed and the disbursed will be activated after the presentation of invoices. This financing aid aims to cover expenses for 3 students of Ca’ Foscari University for an internship of three days both outside or inside Italy, at the premises of a partner microfinance institution (MFI).

*All European Union countries at the time the contract is signed