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Future’s Work: Threats and Opportunities

THE FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES AND THE BIG OF THE SILICON VALLEY Our lives are changing faster and faster, every day there are new types of technologies and it is nearly impossible to assimilate all the information regarding these topics. Following the evolution of technologies has become essential and not doing so would mean to be excluded […]

The Cryptocurrencies

The Crypto Currencies: A cryptocurrency is a digital asset or a virtual currency used as a mean of exchange through encryption in order to make transactions secure and to control the creation of a new currency. A definitive feature of cryptocurrency, and arguably its most captivating allure, is its organic nature; It is not issued […]

Venetian Banks: The Final Solution

In the end a final decision has been taken for resolving the problem regarding the Venetian Banks (Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca), the Italian Government and the ECB have approved the acquisition from Intesa Sanpaolo for 1 euro. The requests from Intesa Sanpaolo for saving the North-East Italian economy are many but the […]

Poor Credit Policies and Italian Non-Performing Loans

The term Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) refers to impaired loans granted by lenders and represent exposures to entities unable to wholly or partly fulfil their obligations under the contract due to a worsening of the Their economic and financial situation. According to various Bank of Italy analyses, what has hit the Italian economy most is the recession and […]

Why Fintech Startups Are Finally Toppling Big Banks

Due to the unprecedented technological revolution, banks are rethinking the way they offer services. The smartphone has revolutionised people’s lives, and it now has central importance in the financial brokerage services. Giuseppe Vegas, an Italian politician and economist, delineated a system of disintermediating relations between those who demand money and those willing to lend. In a few years, […]

Tesla Stock: Investing In The Future

The recent performance of Tesla stock suggests that shares in the Silicon Valley company will continue to rise as the market rewards its innovation. With global warming, fossil fuels and pollution at the centre of many debates, investors are increasingly interested in Elon Musk, who seems to be an entrepreneur with all the answers. Musk dominates the industry […]

Are Private Companies Ushering In An Age Of Guided Democracy?

The term ‘democracy’ refers to the system of government in which sovereignty is exercised, directly or indirectly, by all citizens who resort to a vote. But if anyone could control this consensus, it could of course no longer be called a democracy. It would probably be called Guided Democracy, as defined by Nigel Oakes, who developed […]

The Italian Banking System: Have The New Reforms Worked?

In recent years, the Italian banking system has been subject to numerous reforms. The main ones are the reform of cooperative credit banks, the reform of popular banks, and the founding of bank foundations. In addition, the Guarantee on Securitization Securities (GACS) mechanism and a system for speeding up the recovery of claims have been introduced. These […]

Vicenza e Veneto Banca verso la proroga

‘’Vicenza e Veneto Banca verso la proroga’’ – ‘’sarà l’Antitrust europeo a decidere se le banche sono meritevoli della ricapitalizzazione precauzionale’’ –  ‘’l’ipotesi di fusione è sempre meno scontata’’ (Il Sole 24 Ore) ‘’Veneto Banca e Pop Vicenza in bilico tra ricapitalizzazione e Bail in’’ ‘’BCE: chiusura di alcune banche necessaria’’ (Wall Street Italia) Le […]